Elder Law

What is Elder Law?

Elder Law is defined by the client the attorney represents.  The client is a senior citizen who has a range of needs, both legal and practical.  While the variety of services offered by an elder law attorney depends on the law firm, elder law attorneys generally specialize in:

  • Medicaid Asset Protection / Avoidance of Spousal Impoverishment
  • Medicaid and PASSPORT Application Filing
  • Estate Planning, including Trusts and Administration of Trusts
  • Durable Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Advance Directives
  • Guardianships
  • Estate Administration and Probation of Estate
  • Medicare and Social Security Claims
  • Elder Abuse

Is Your Attorney Elder Law Certified?

What is a Certified Elder Law Attorney?

To become certified, an attorney must be a licensed attorney in good standing for five years, attend continuing education seminars on various elder law issues, pass a full-day certification exam, and must have references from other certified attorneys.  Richard Taps and Maggie Sutton are among only six Certified Elder Law Attorneys in Central Ohio.