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When an individual dies, certain assets of the decedent are transferred through proceedings in Probate Court.  These assets, called Probate Assets, become the responsibility of an Executor or Administrator. His or her job is to ensure these Probate Assets get collected, responsibly maintained and finally distributed according to the dictates of the decedent. These dictates are expressed through a properly prepared will and according to the laws of the State of Ohio. The Executor then follows the wishes of the decedent guaranteeing distribution of the Probate Assets to the decedent’s heirs, beneficiaries and creditors. This process is known as the administration of a decedent’s estate. Each client will have a unique set of challenges, often while dealing with emotionally challenging situations.

Taps Sutton and Roshon, LLC is Central Ohio’s leading firm in navigating the myriad legal issues and concerns during the difficult times following a death. As experts in Elder Law and Estates, we can design an effective path toward the resolution of our clients’ estates.  Our office offers the following legal services for executors and fiduciaries of estates:

  • Obtain information and valuations of all assets owned
  • Prepare and file the required paperwork with the probate court to open, manage and close the estate, obtain all required signatures, and meet all deadlines
  • Prepare any documents required to liquidate or transfer probate assets and manage each transaction
  • Assist our clients with any information or documents they may need to liquidate or transfer non-probate assets
  • Categorize the debts of the estate for payment
  • Educate and assist our clients with claims from the Ohio Medicaid Recovery Program
  • Direct our clients in the distribution of the remaining assets to the named beneficiaries