Medicaid eligibility may be an effective option to achieve a client’s goals and peace of mind. Taps Sutton & Roshon, LLC  employs various planning strategies in the process of becoming eligible for Medicaid. Many folks are not aware that not only is financial and other assistance available, it is their right to receive it. The first step is a thorough review of a client’s financial and personal circumstances. We pay special attention to any unique factors that would be advantageous for the client. We then develop an individual plan that addresses the client’s needs and goals. The Medicaid program’s application process and financial requirements are reviewed with the client to ensure they understand the plan and its practical effects.

The Department of Medicaid in Ohio offers a range of assistance plans. It is our job to ensure our clients take full advantage of their rights and benefits. Beyond managed health care, there are programs for persons older than 65 years, disability assistance, long term care and other options to weigh. We help our clients navigate the sometimes confusing landscape of government aid.

Our firm takes into account issues that may elude a client new to Medicaid eligibility. For example, asset protection is a major consideration for anyone entering a nursing home, especially in situation where a person may be living in a nursing home for an extended period of time. We can demonstrate planning options that are available to maximize the amount of assets or income available to a spouse, say. Just as important we can seek to reduce claims the state may have against a person’s estate.

When the needs of an aging loved one are evaluated, and Medicaid is a viable option, we at Taps Sutton and Roshon stand ready to provide full support and service so our clients receive the best care.