Short-Term Care Insurance: A Solution to Gaps in Coverage

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Short-Term Care Insurance: A Solution to Gaps in Coverage

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Long-term care insurance can be a great asset. It can help cover the costs of expensive medical care not generally covered by private health insurance or Medicare.

However, long-term care coverage can be difficult to obtain, especially if you are elderly or have a pre-existing condition. Moreover, individuals who buy and use long-term care benefits often only need the benefits for a short period of time.

Short-term care insurance is a different kind of insurance that is lesser known than the long-term care coverage. Short-term care insurance provides many of the same benefits as long-term care insurance does, but for a shorter period of time.

Short-term care insurance coverage can last for up to one year. You pick the duration of your coverage at the time you sign up for it. You can shop short-term care plans just as you shop for long-term care plans and pick a premium that fits your budget. Typically, short-term care premiums are much cheaper – usually about $100 per month. Unlike many long-term care insurance policies, females can typically purchase plans for the same premium amount as males.

Additionally, you can qualify for a short-term care insurance plan easier than you can qualify for long-term care insurance. Typically, a short-term care insurance provider does not require a medical exam, and the application contains only a few medical questions. You can purchase short-term care insurance up to the age of 89.

Short-term care insurance is a great alternative for individuals facing gaps in private health insurance or Medicare coverage. This coverage can also extend to a patient on “observation status” in a hospital that prevents Medicare from covering the stay.

The National Advisory for Short-Term Care Information has extensive information and tools that can help you find out if short-term care coverage may be a good option for you. You can visit the website at