Winter Weather Advisory – Be Mindful of Seniors During Winter Conditions

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November 30, 2018
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Winter Weather Advisory – Be Mindful of Seniors During Winter Conditions

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By now, Ohioans are not surprised by the unpredictable winter weather that can blow through on any given day.  It seems like our recent fortune has brought us weather systems that dump inches of snow and ice.

Though it can be a beautiful sight, snow and ice pose a risk for all of us.  Driving conditions are hazardous, our driveways and sidewalks need shoveled, and cold air promises to take your breath and freeze any moisture on the ground.

It is important to remember that seniors are especially susceptible to the winter weather.  Many seniors have an unsteady gait and their driving reactions may be impaired under normal conditions.  Seniors also experience a decline in physical ability and experience exhaustion easily.

During the winter season, these traits cause seniors to be even more at-risk.  Whether seniors are driving in slippery conditions, exerting physical energy to clear sidewalks and driveways, or have a hard time breathing in the cold winter air, they could be in danger of a significant injury.

Family members and caregivers can be the first line of attack in making sure seniors stay safe, not only during the winter months, but year-round as well.

Home Care Assistance, a home health agency, recently posted a blog relating to the consequences of falls for the elderly.  The article offers advice on modifications that can be made to protect against a fall, as well as questions to ask after a senior suffers a fall.   

You can read the full article on the Home Care Assistance blog, here.